Finding Stillness in the Chaos


This morning I found myself running through the house trying to get my 1 year-old and 3 year-old out the door, one is crying the other demanding more juice. I keep checking my watch, as if somehow that might slow down time. We jump in the car and the little one insists on doing the one buckle he can do by himself, and I find myself saying, “hurry hurry, we’re going to be late!” He smiles, proud of himself for getting the buckle in and hearing it “click.” We drive to their daycare/preschool and I’m frustrated at each red light until I have this thought, “What am I teaching my children?” That we rush and rush and are annoyed at every road block?

I’m sure some of you can relate. This is adult life, busy busy busy. Run here, run there, missing the beauty in all of it. If we could just take a deep breath, a full, deep belly breath and look at the innocent faces in the back seat, or the corn ready for harvest along the road, or the sun rising in the east, might we feel less stressed? More connected to each other and the energy of the universe? How quickly we take for granted the blessing of this life. This week I challenge you to slow down. Breathe in the Fall air mindfully, smelling the beginnings of coolness in the wind. Take time for yourself, spending time with the ones you love, to exercise, practice yoga, take walks, and be in the moment. If we all took the time to be present, might we find that suddenly there is less reason to rush?



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