Freeing Yourself from Negative Energy


Have you ever found yourself leaving a conversation or interaction with someone and found yourself feeling suddenly brought down, heavy, or angry as a result? We all carry energies with us all the time that are ever changing. However, if we are talking with someone who is in a particularly dark place or even anxious place, we can easily “catch” their energy, leading to us feeling the emotions of that person.

As a therapist, I was finding this was happening to me all the time! I would leave a session feeling completed drained or particularly negative. It took me awhile to realize what was happening and how I was being effected by my clients. There are a few things that I have found to be helpful in not allowing myself to become harmed by others’ energies.

I have worked on mentally “bubbling” myself. What I mean by this, is imagining a large bubble around my whole self that while I can be empathic to others, I am envisioning protecting myself from their negativity. I am aware of what is mine and what is theirs and I say this in my mind when I feel this occurring.

I have also found having a few crystals in my office has helped with this. I have a large Black Tourmaline that is aesthetically pleasing, but also carries the added value of ridding my space of negative energy. I also have a Rainbow Flourite in my office which carries a similar effect that I either have lying about or something that I occasionally fidget with.

I am not always certain how I feel about the use of crystals or whether they really “work” but I have to say that I do feel a difference in my general energy since putting these in my office. I have noticed my general anxiety level has decreased and I feel as though I am able to be more objective in my sessions.

I have also noticed that the more aware I am of the energy from others, the more I can not only protect myself from it but use it as valuable information in assessing others and how I interact with them. When we can recognize that someone “feels” negative to use we can be much more aware of breathing in positivity while consciously breathing out negativity as we inhale and exhale with intention. As we interact with people we can think about what one might need if they are seeming more angry, anxious, or sad and how we might want to be treated/talked with if the roles were reversed.

Over the next week or so, it may be valuable to just notice how different people have the ability to make you feel different. Positive too of course! I’m sure you can think of someone you cannot help but smile when they are in the room as well as those you leave feeling as though you need a shower. Once you start to recognize how this occurs it is much easier to work on holding onto the positivity some offer while protecting yourself from the negativity. I’d love to hear your thoughts!



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