Essential Oils for Winter Pick-Me-Up


I know Winter isn’t quite here yet, and we have actually had a perfect Fall so far. But it is never too early to start preparing for the blues of Winter. I find sometimes in the Winter it is harder to focus, harder to be happy, and harder to be present. Some people love Winter and while I can appreciate the beauty of the first snowfall or the sun sparkling through the ice on the trees, it doesn’t take long for me to start longing for Spring. Here are a few of my favorite Winter essential oils scents to help me get through:


Winter Motivation:

2 drops DoTerra Breathe

2 drops Lime

1 drop Ylang Ylang

I just love the Winter Motivation blend when I’m feeling totally unmotivated to do much at all and I need to get things done despite the weather. You can see that my Mountain Rose Herbs oils are quite worn as the labels are paper and I use them often. This brand is a little less expensive than DoTerra or Young Living and still quite good quality from the research I have done.


Fatigue Fighter

10 drops Lavender

10 drops Peppermint

6 drops Bergamot

3 drops Basil

2 drops Eucalyptus

The Fatigue Fighter is great for that afternoon lull when there are still a few more hours in the workday or whatever task you are needing to complete and you start to yawn. One of my favs!


No More Irritability

10 drops Pine

5 drops Bergamot

2 drops Basil

The No More Irritability blend is tried and true. I diffuse this in my office if I know that my next client is a little on the irritable side or if I’m feeling irritated at work or at home. I don’t know what it is, but this combo of oils really helps me (and others) to chill out and calm down.


Hippie Relaxation

5 drops Patchouli

3 drops Bergamot

2 drops Ylang Ylang

Is this a “Winter Blend”? Maybe not. But I love it all year, as I love Patchouli and this has a very exotic feel to it. I just think this is a “feel good” concoction and if you like the hippie vibe, you’ll love this one!



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