Salt Lamp Obsession


I admittedly have a salt lamp obsession. I have one in my office (pictured above) and three at home. I continue to feel as though I don’t have enough and would like one for every room. My son has one in his room to serve as a nightlight (and it helps him sleep). I have one in our main living space, and one in our basement. First of all, they really are beautiful and make any space feel more “zen.” But in addition to that, they possess so many benefits I cannot imagine how everyone does not want one in their home.

Himalayan Salt comes from the mines at the base of the Himalayan mountains. They are said to release negative ions while neutralizing the positive ions in the air that are caused from electronics (which are everywhere, including the screen you are reading this from). This helps to cleanse the air and also serves to get rid of odors, reduce allergens, and improve our breathing. The effects help to increase libido, reduce anxiety, and improve mood.

I have seen so many benefits to having a salt lamp around me for most of the day and many report the same. I cannot tell you how many people have seen mine and gone out and bought their own, always coming back and raving to me about their new love of salt lamps!




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