Be Careful Out There Today!


This morning was an icy one. I was late for work and I left early! This has never happened before. What I found most shocking and yet comforting this morning was how many people I talked to before my day even started. My husband called before I was even awake to tell me to “be extra careful driving.” My brother-in-law poked his head of his room and said, “Be careful this morning, I hear it’s bad.” My neighbor was taking out his garbage and saw me putting the kids in the car, waved and yelled across the street, “Be careful out there today!” My friend sent me a text early morning that read, “Drive safe today.” Even once finally arriving at work, people were talking about their experiences driving this morning. The roads were bad, the morning a bit chaotic, but everyone was kind to one another and was showing genuine caring towards one another. It was really quite beautiful.

This of course, had me thinking, what if we could all be this kind to one another? Show this level of caring every day? Could we say, “Have a great day!” or some rendition of this even when the weather is beautiful? I don’t know if this would just seem weird. But it is only weird because we don’t typically do this. So maybe we should start. I used to have this co-worker who would come into work every day and say “It’s going to be a great day!” Her enthusiasm was often met with grumbles by those around her, but I always smiled at her optimism. She was a light in the office, even when I knew she was going through hard times herself.

So my challenge to you this week is to carry that same light, enthusiasm, or kindness in your own way. Talk to your neighbors, your co-workers, your spouse, your friends, your children. “Have a wonderful day!” “How’s your morning been so far?” Whatever it is that shows you actually care about those around you, say that, do that, live that. Not just when the weather is bad, but every day, ice or shine.



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