Decoding Your Dreams


I had a fascination with dreams as a child, and would read the Dream Dictionaries about the symbolism and all the things dreams could mean. The subconscious mind has always been an interest of mine though through my years of graduate school I decided that dreams really don’t mean anything, they are simply a “wastebasket” of thoughts from the day or a way of processing ideas from the day into long term memory. As I got more into doing therapy, I simply believed that whatever the emotion was in the dream was a reflection of the emotion you’re feeling in your daily life and used that as a jumping off point for therapy.

That all was until recently. At the start of 2018, I was feeling as though I was on “the edge” of something. It was a bizarre feeling, like holding a gift that I couldn’t open. So I started trying everything I could think of to try to figure it out. I meditated a ton, I journaled, I played with lots of ideas…but it wasn’t until I started recording my dreams that I got somewhere.

I don’t even remember why I started doing this. I imagine I read someone else’s blog on it! But almost every morning for 2 months, I woke up and scribbled down everything I could remember from my dream or dreams. Finally, I went back through, read every dream and jotted down themes. This wasn’t super clean, it was messy and not a perfect science, and I googled a lot of “Dreams about a Kitchen”, “Dreams about school”, “Dreams about a certain age” etc. I was finding that many of my dreams had me around the same age, the same place in an old house, feelings of being lost or late, and always the same person I had unresolved issues with (that I totally thought weren’t bothering me anymore).

Five days after I sat down and looked for themes, everything changed. You could say “s*** hit the fan,” but it was good. It was an unpacking of things I had held in and needed to be let out. Not long after, a co-worker suggested I look into coaching. I was uncertain, as I didn’t know if Psychologists could also be coaches, so I did some research, found a program that was geared towards Psychologists who wanted to become coaches, that was lead by Psychologists. And I suppose you know the rest. But I had a block I was not seeing, a blindspot if you will. Once I was able to finally identify this, everything fell into place.

This made a total believer of me and the value in documenting your dreams. I plan to start doing this again to see where it takes me. I invite you to join me. This is how:

  • For one month, write down as many dreams as you can remember when you first wake up-make sure to write down not only what happened, but how you felt about it
  • At the end of it, take time and go through them with a highlighter
  • Look for words that repeat over and over- “themes” if you will
  • Do some research as to what these things might mean for you
  • Watch what happens

Let me know if you have thoughts or questions about this. I’m excited to see what this exercise brings!

As always, if you would like some one on one coaching around something related to this or moving through barriers that have kept you stuck, I’d love to talk more with you. Please see my contact page for information on setting up a FREE 60 minute Balanced Life Strategy Call with me.

Love, Light, and Gratitude,





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