I Stopped Weighing Myself…And This Is What Happened…


True confession time: I have always been an obsessive weigher. I don’t know if that’s a thing…though I also know that I am not alone. I used to wake up every morning and the very first thing I’d do is get on the scale. For as long as I can remember, my mood and self worth was very much depended on whether I was “up” or “down” for the day.

I knew this wasn’t healthy. I told my clients not to do this, that their self-worth was not based on the numbers on a scale. I know, I’m a total hypocrite. But the personal trainer in me continually reminded me that “what gets measured gets improved.” So for those in this similar boat, I want to let you know that I finally stopped…and it is not only possible, but well worth the effort!

Last year, on this exact weekend, I decided to become Vegan. I did this hardcore for 6 full months.  Then one night out to dinner with my husband, I again had very limited options and I realized that I didn’t think I could maintain the Vegan life forever. So I switched over to being Vegetarian. I’m still following this…but why this is all important is that I decided in whether Vegan or Vegetarian I was going to stop weighing myself and start worrying about what I was putting in my body for health and not to be “skinny.”

So here we are a year later. I can’t honestly say that I haven’t been on a scale in a year, because I have been to the doctor a few times and they do make you step on a scale. But I suppose that gave me the data to tell you this. So here’s what actually happened:

  • I gained about 5 lbs. It’s true. I did gain weight when I stopped watching the scale.
  • I did NOT gain the gobs of weight I once feared I would gain if I stopped staring at the scale
  • I started to be a lot kinder to myself about the way I looked
  • When I was aware my pants were getting tighter, I watched what I ate, and they fit better again
  • I continued working out, though I found a workout I really LOVE that’s a little less INSANE
  • I got happier. Like kind of a lot happier. I’ve accepted my flaws as beautiful and while always a work in progress, it’s been well worth it.

So what’s the solution/lesson here? I’m not sure. If you’re trying to lose a significant amount of weight due to your health, then I suppose the scale is helpful, but maybe not daily. Measuring inches might be more helpful. Because truth be told, we can gain muscle and it wouldn’t make a bit of difference on the scale. So I suppose my true point is to stop being so hard on yourself! Stop worrying so much about the numbers and eat what feels right to you! If you feel like it would feel good to you and you would feel good about it later, then that is the thing to eat. But don’t beat yourself up either. Everything in balance.

As always, if you would like some one on one coaching around something related to this or moving through barriers that have kept you stuck, I’d love to talk more with you. Please see my contact page for information on setting up a free 60 minute consultation call with me.
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