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Is this you? Are you one of the great ones, who despite all your kindness, caring, and amazing abilities, continue to live in the “not enough” universe?

Have you had the moments when you “should” feel proud, or relief, or a sense of peace, but instead, you are already looking at all the ways you were not quite “enough” in the situation?

A friend (or actually a lot of them recently) said to me “My problem is that I never feel like its enough.” That one accomplishment after another, exceptional work, friendships, relationships, money…all of it leads back to this feeling of not being good enough. The elusive ENOUGH.

How do we overcome this? How do we look ourselves bold-faced in the mirror and say, “I am enough dammit!” and mean it?

The “popular” answer to this, might be to write lists of all the ways you are indeed enough. Where you are showing up and doing it right.

However, that leads us right back to the universe of “right and wrong”, “good and bad” and never actually gets us out of polarity. Instead, it leaves us stuck, perpetually making lists to PROVE to ourselves (and everyone else) that we are indeed enough.

What if we didn’t need to prove anything? What if…there was no “enough”?

Enough for who? For what? To make who happy? Enough of what anyways?!

There are no answers to these questions. Hence why this “not enough” thing never quite goes away…it’s either at the forefront of our minds, or the back of our minds…but never gone.

Instead, what if we dropped the whole “enough” thing? And every time we have a thought, feeling, emotion, idea about ourselves…AKA a judgment, we acknowledged this as only an “interesting point of view”? We didn’t align with it, react to it, prove it to be true to false…just backed up a bit from it…

and said to ourselves, “Interesting point of view…”

This starts to take us out of polarity. When we go into polarity, we keep things stuck in place. If we have an up, we must have a down. If we have a right, we must have a wrong, etc…so we never come out of judgment. And as long as we are judging ourselves, even as good…we never really escape.

Now, does this mean that you shouldn’t acknowledge where you’re amazing? Absolutely not! Quite the opposite. But instead of coming into conclusion about something well done or a capacity you have (as though it is the only one)…which shuts down any further possibility…instead, acknowledge it- and ask, “What else can I create now? How can I be even greater today than I was yesterday?”

And further than that…start to acknowledge not only your abilities and capacities, but you as all that you are…a remarkable and a marvelous contribution. Just for being. The doing is great and all…but by you being YOU, you are already creating something different in the world. And what can you BE that is even more YOU today than you were up until this moment?

And that, my friend, is so much more than “enough.”

What else could be possible for you and the creation of living if you step outside of this “enough” reality?

*Interesting Point of View is one of the many amazing tools of Access Consciousness™. A tool that is taught in the BARS class and used throughout the classes, books, and creations of Access Consciousness™. Check out my upcoming classes HERE and come play!

See you there!

Love, light, and gratitude,


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