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This week I have been doing a lot of reflecting… er, I’ve been doing some reflecting, which seems to be “a lot” in comparison from the little I have been doing overall lately.

I’ve had a few people (or mostly everyone I know) say to me, “You are doing too much. Slow down.” And the truth is, I have always run this way. Doing too much, getting it all done. Though the past few months have indeed exceeded my normal level of hummingbird speed.

I have been spending A LOT of time frustrated at the computer screen, trying to get my membership site up and running (its coming- still not quite there), and my website revamped (almost there), seeing AMAZING coaching clients, still working my “day job” as a Psychologist that seems to be more taxing than ever, and meanwhile I’m trying to make time for the reason for it all, my crazy little rug-rats and forever supportive husband. Somewhere in there, I got my BARS facilitator certification, my Reiki Level II… it keeps going. Yea, I guess I’ve been doing a little much.

I’ve always had this problem. Patience. Not a quality I possess. I want things NOW and I have had a year of being very challenged in this. So this, as usual, has me looking for the lesson and the growth I can take from the experience.

It’s no secret I have been getting pretty heavily into energy work and in that too, want things to go FASTER. Want to feel more, experience more, be “enlightened” somehow. It’s really ridiculous when I type it out. LOL. Pretty much the opposite of the point, right? But as in most things, I have a general sense that I cannot be the only person on the planet who functions in this way.

Remember, I named my corporation (which was once just a blog) “Journey To Present” and even then, the name chose me. This is indeed my journey. Allow. All my meditations have lead back to this. Stop forcing and allow.

Are you doing this too? In your own way? Trying so hard to find the purpose? The why? The meaning? That you are actually missing the beauty along the way? The climb is always upward and not outward? or God forbid, inward? Tunnel vision towards the destination?

So my challenge to myself, and in turn, to you: Let’s slow down. Let’s work on the allowing. We will get there. The destination is ahead, and when we get there, there will always be another destination. Life isn’t actually like climbing a mountain. You don’t turn around and run/walk back down. You just set new goals, new ambitions, and keep climbing, or strolling, or dancing… maybe that’s what we all need to do. Take it at our own pace. See the beauty, breathe in the air-not into the place where our chest rises, but deeper into our being. And allow. Notice. Be. Dance.

I’m in this with you. Or maybe you’re actually in this with me. Either way. Let’s take this opportunity to find the beauty in the path and stop being in such a hurry to get there already. I recognize this isn’t an overnight thing.

Slowing down as a general intention is a habit that must be broken. But if we keep catching ourselves, being compassionate with ourselves, and come back to the now-over and over again-when we do finally make it to wherever it is that we are headed, we might actually get there in one piece.

Love, light, and gratitude,


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