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Have you ever just wished that by waving some magic wand that everything could change? Or at least, everything that has been standing in your way of experiencing life as you know it should be, could be lifted with ease?

I first heard about The Bars while listening to a Podcast and cleaning my house one day last summer. Then, a few weeks, maybe a month later, I was at a workshop and met another Psychologist turned Coach and I mentioned some interest in reiki and energy work.

“Have you heard of The Bars?!” She asked me. I said, ironically, I had, though had done little to look into it fully. She strongly encouraged me to do so. If you know me, you know that this is when I look it up and decide its time to register for the course.

If something is placed in your life once, it may or may not mean something. But twice in a short period of time…I don’t ignore these things.

If you’ve never “felt energy” before…first of all you’re wrong-you feel energy all the time, you just don’t realize it…

A quick example: if you walk into a room and know nothing about what has transpired in the last ten minutes, you “feel” energy the moment you realize there is tension in the room, or happiness, or whatever. Without anyone saying anything, you can feel the energy. Make sense?

But it was after my first Bars class was when I started having a much stronger awareness of feeling energy. Now for me, is it tapping into that energy feeling at a much greater level.

I didn’t have a clue if I would ever acquire this ability when I started (though the others around me seemed to have it), but it was only a few weeks into doing The Bars that I could feel a tickle or tingling in various parts of my body as they correspond to the Chakra system (if you’re not familiar, look it up. I will also write a Chakra guide at some point, I promise). I began to experience a sense of knowing about these feelings, whether they were mine or for someone else, and what they meant.

What’s more…and here’s the real thing that The Bars gave me: I overcame my anxiety.

“What?! You mean you can deal with it better now?”

No, I mean, it’s pretty much gone. I was on anxiety medication at the time and had anxiety my whole life. After three Bars classes, I began to have a sense that the medication was a hinderance to all that was possible and very slowly came off of it. And I sit here today, writing this, to tell you that while I still have anxious “moments” lasting no more than a few minutes, the debilitating, awful, uncomfortable anxiety I experienced my entire life, is effectively GONE.

Do I have your attention yet? What EXACTLY is The BARS?

The Bars are 32 points on your head that when touched, release all the energy you’ve been holding in your body and mind that no longer serves you. Some report it to be the feeling they feel after an incredible massage; others report everything in their life changing.

I have personality seen it stop suicidal thoughts, increase motivation-like big-time, as in finally take the years worth of classes to get a GED and JOB, and like in my case (though I’m not alone) STOP anxiety. The best part about this, is that it is EASY! All you have to do it lie down and receive.

Interesting fact about the Bars that is different from Reiki or other energy modalities: It has to be done in person, as the human interaction is a vital part of it. It is truly about healing through touch, connection, and allowing oneself to receive from another.

The Bars come from Access Consciousness, which is a unique and more conscious way of seeing the world. (

The mantra of Access is “All of Life Comes to Me with Ease, Joy, and Glory.” This mantra alone has the ability to change so much. I, personally, make a point of saying this 10 times every morning and 10 times every evening. It works:)

Another important mantra, or way of thinking from Access Consciousness, is “How Does It Get Any Better Than This?” I taught this to a coaching client yesterday, and he quite loved it. You can use this when things are going well and when things are going less than stellar. When you open up to the question of “How Does It Get Any Better Than This?” You open up the Universe to answer this question for you.

On Easter, I was on a walk with my husband and kids and I found a dime on the ground, and I asked, “How does it get any better than this?!” Minutes later, my son found a dollar! We asked again, and while we didn’t find any more money, we did have a beautiful day.

We limit ourselves by looking for answers all the time. When we open up anything into a question, it allows space for the answers we truly seek. Questions allow us to expand our awareness, rather than assuming we know the answer. Hint: we never do.

I tell you all of this, so that you can look into it for yourself. There are some really incredible books written by the people from Access and everyone I share them with are changed. I’ve posted my favorites below:)

But even more importantly than that, I encourage you to take a class. It’s awesome to get your Bars run, and I highly recommend that…but once you learn it and really get it, it can change your life. I tell you it has changed mine.

I loved it so much, I got certified as quickly as I could to teach it. You can check out the upcoming classes HERE.

I am so excited to share this with the world. If you’re not local to me, check out the Access Website to find a facilitator near you. If you have question or want to talk more with me about this, please feel free to send me an email at Otherwise just go on in and sign up (you can pay ahead of time, but you don’t actually have to pay until the day of the class…How does it get any better than that?!)

I look forward to seeing you!

Love, light, and gratitude,