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Have you ever sat and watched little kids playing? Maybe see them running outside, or screaming because it feels good to scream, or playing with their toys alone, but having the time of their life doing it?

Do you remember doing this? Truth, I’m not sure I do. But I believe that I must have, at least when I was very young, before the cares and concerns for how ridiculous I might look or sound came through. Interesting though, how kids do this joy thing with ease…and then at some point, as they age, they stop because they become aware of judgment.

Why did we stop doing this? Why did we stop functioning from joy? Ease? Excitement? Was it because we were told to “be quiet?” Or to “sit nicely” or any other messages we were given. The adults certainly didn’t seem like they were having any fun-at least not in the way that a child would consider fun.

So we learned, through mere observation, that when you get older, you have to “be serious” and “buckle down” or whatever phrase your adults used. At that point in our lives, we were likely unaware that we had choice. Choice to keep having fun, to keep doing things because they feel good to us, like running, playing, yelling, etc.

There’s this thing in Access Consciousness about choice and choosing in 10 second increments. Basically, you choose you life, everything in your life is choice and we are always choosing whether we are consciously choosing or not.

The idea here is that if we have 10 seconds to choose the rest of our lives, would we worry so much about making the “right” or “wrong” choice? What everyone else thought? Or might you choose what would bring you joy? When we ask the question, what else is possible here? What choices do I have? So much more opens up for us.

So what is it that brings you joy? What can you do in this 10 seconds that brings you joy? What if everything wasn’t so serious all the time and you could find some snippet of the joy you had as a child before you started believing that it was “bad” or “wrong” to play?

What if all the things we’ve made so serious or boring or linear could just not be? What would that look like? On this same note, how could things be easier? How are we making things harder, more complicated, more dramatic than they need to be? What if we chose ease? We can ask, what would make this more joyful and easy for me? Then choose that!

How much are we “beating around the bush”, trying to keep everyone happy, avoiding conflict, etc. in some effort to make things “easier” and how much is this actually successful?

So when we talk about making things easier, living with ease, really look at this. How many ways have you been taught, that by “easy” you mean for everyone else? And is all the “holding in” of feelings, thoughts, and not allowing yourself to BE, making anything easier? So what would ACTUALLY make things easier and more joyful?

I invite you to play with this. See what shows up for you. What can I do in this moment to feel more ease and joy? What could I do in my job to feel joy? To make things easier? With my family? With the thing I hate to do? With the exercise? With food? With cleaning? Grocery shopping? With all of it?! I’d love to know what you come up with !

As always, if this is of interest to you…if you would like help around any of this or anything else regarding confidence, anxiety, self-growth, and loving life again…schedule a session to see how we can come together to create the life that you wake up excited for! I look forward to connecting with you!

Love, light, and gratitude,


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