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What if the elegance of receiving was available to you, right now, in this very moment?  And all you have to do is ask?

We live in a world where hard work is rewarded and you have to hustle & grind to make it.  This reality tells us that nothing is easy and nothing comes free.  “Musts” and “shoulds” are around every corner telling you that you’re wrong or bad.  

And what if all of this was a colossal lie? 

What if something else was available?  What if the ease of sitting back and receiving was all that was required? No stress.  No anxiety.  No work.  The universe desires to gift to you, if only you would receive it. Receiving is one of our greatest capacities, yet we refuse it constantly. 

When you are willing to ask for what you desire, all of life’s finest things begin to show up with total ease.  You begin to receive.  But then you ask, isn’t this too easy?  Do I deserve this?  

What if it wasn’t about deserving? What if you just have to choose it? 

Once you choose, receiving the flow from the universe begins.  As it flows, be aware of judgments about the receiving being too easy.  Be aware of the judgments about deserving.  Continue to choose to receive anyway.  Continue to choose the ease at which you receive.  Hard work is not required.  Hustle and grind are not needed here.  There are no “musts” or “shoulds” when it comes to receiving.  You being you is all that is required.

You can ask for anything; what will you ask for?

What is the Elegance of Receiving for You?

Join Melissa Mahon for Access Bars Certification Class on June 27 in Arlington Heights, IL. What is the Elegance of Receiving for You?