Hi! I’m Melissa Mahon. I am a Professional Life Coach and Clinical Psychologist, licensed in the state of Illinois. I use my background in Psychology to focus on the positive aspects of human potential and growth to help others fill their life with joy and purpose.

I am a mother of two little boys (and two crazy dogs) who keep me on my toes and continue to practice clinical psychology three days per week at a local medical office. I invest a lot of my downtime into yoga, meditation, exercise, art, and generally spreading positivity through a healthy lifestyle.

I have always been an anxious person who was much more focused on what the next 5 steps were than living in the here and now. I feel that I have finally figured out some balance to all this and love sharing this discovery with others! Some of the key elements that I want to help you with are igniting and living a life of gratitude, being present in each moment of your life, and leaning into your strengths. Most people I talk with are struggling with negative beliefs about themselves and their ability for change rather than seeing themselves for all the unique and amazing strengths they bring into the world! This is where I come in as a guide to overcoming the obstacles that have held you back and entering the next chapter of your life where you can truly thrive.

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