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I’m an Adolescent Psychologist by trade. It’s what I’ve always done. Adolescent Coaching is quite different from traditional psychotherapy.

The main difference is that this is more on the preventative trajectory rather than helping to overcome a severe mental illness. As an Adolescent Coach, I do not diagnose, label, or try to “fix” your teen.

Instead, I provide them with skills to create a life for him or herself that will lead them on the path to success in everything they do.

Some of the skills covered in teen coaching sessions are as follows:

  • Better understanding of themselves
  • Uncover current limiting beliefs and create a new positive mindset
  • Better communication/relationship skills
  • Improved time management skills
  • Higher energy and motivation skills that last
  • Useful techniques for managing emotions effectively
  • Stress/anxiety management skills
  • Learning to take responsibility for creating joy in their lives

Most of the work I have done as a Psychologist consists of “putting out fires.” I have seen teens when they are severely depressed and suicidal. This work is incredibly rewarding and also sometimes like trying to paddle up a waterfall. This is why I created this program.

What if we could PREVENT depression, severe anxiety, and all the other mental illnesses that have been popping up in our teen population, by giving teens the skills they need to create the lives they truly desire – at the very first signs, rather than waiting until a severe incident occurs?

That is where Adolescent Coaching comes in. Coaching can be done on the phone, via Zoom call, or in person at my Geneva, IL office. I’d love to talk to you about coaching your teen.