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Joy Stress

5 tools to go beyond the stress

This time of year can be stressful… and this year as a whole has led to a strange series of stressors that we never could have planned for. It’s been different, that’s for sure…though it has given me the opportunity to ask more questions and …


11 Ways to Be More Self-Confident

A friend asked me, “You do this confidence coaching stuff, right? How do I find more self-confidence!?” “BE interesting point of view!” was my response. “Huh?” Right. So that doesn’t make a lot of sense to most people who haven’t been exposed to the tools …


Creating Space and Releasing the Old

Truth be told, I am not a “neat” person. I am organized in the I “over-plan” sense, but hardly in the way of “stuff.” Yet, the topic of “de-cluttering” has been entering my world quite a bit lately, so it appears I should attend to …

Choice Joy

What If You Chose Joy?

Have you ever sat and watched little kids playing? Maybe see them running outside, or screaming because it feels good to scream, or playing with their toys alone, but having the time of their life doing it? Do you remember doing this? Truth, I’m not …