Before we talk about what Hypnotherapy is, first, let’s talk about what Hypnosis is NOT.

Hypnosis is not “losing control” or ever done without consent of the client: When doing hypnotherapy, you always are aware and in control of yourself. I cannot make you do or believe anything that you are unwilling.

Hypnosis is not magic: It might seem like it sometimes, because we address the subconscious mind, instead of what lies on the surface. But what it really is, is allowing your brain waves into a relaxed Theta state (think those few moments when you are falling asleep but can still hear what else is going on in the room). In this state, we have much great access to the subconscious mind, where your defenses get out of the way, and we can start to make lasting and profound changes.

Hypnosis is not being “asleep”, “unconscious”, or “under” anything. This about the last movie you got really into. You may have jumped, cried, or had many other reactions to things that were not actually happening to you. Your subconscious mind was doing these things. Your conscious mind was present and very much aware of the kid behind you who kept kicking your seat, but your subconscious mind was very much into the movie. Hypnosis is about getting your subconscious mind to respond in a more desirable way.

In short: You didn’t chose to create the problem you are struggling with and you are not continuing to choose it. Pretty hard to un-chose something you never chose in the first place…

That’s where hypnosis comes in.

Price: $195

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