Creating Confidence: A Course for Female Professionals Struggling with Self-Confidence- Click HERE to register!

This course is for those READY to start living their life with true confidence and release all the previous worry, doubt, and anxieties that have kept you stuck. It’s 8 weeks of video, text, and hands on activities to break down all the barriers that have previously stopped you-empowering you to live the life you have been dreaming of!


Beyond Anxiety: A one time zoom call- April 13, 7pm CST- Register HERE

Have you bought the lie that if you have anxiety, you will have it your entire life? Do you believe it is just part of “who you are” and it can’t be changed? I believed that too. For many years.

These are the tools I used to overcome it. Mostly from Access Consciousness and a few others. I’d love to share them with you so that you might relate to anxiety and fear differently. What might be possible for you if anxiety was no longer standing in your way?


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