Dating/Relationship Coaching

Are you still operating from, “I need to find someone to complete me?” 

What if you are already complete? What if, you are enough all on your own?! 

“Wait…Aren’t you a dating coach?… “

Yep! And the answer to your life problems isn’t finding a relationship you’re not ready for. It starts with YOU! Once you do the real work on yourself, that’s when radiant, lasting,  love will come along…and this time, you’ll actually know what to do with it! 

Dating and relationship coaching IS about actionable steps, what to say, how to present yourself…all the stuff every coach will teach you…but the piece that most people are missing…is the ENERGY of how they are presenting on a date and in a relationship. You can say all the right things, and something can still feel off. This is the reason the seemingly “perfect” guy on paper, isn’t attractive to you. It’s not in what he’s saying, it’s in the feeling you get around him. 

I work with women to not only shift their behaviors but shifting the deeper self-worth stuff to make you irresistible to the man that is ACTUALLY a match for you. 

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