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Coaching assists with making decisions about which changes you would like to make, developing a personal “action plan” in order to make those changes, empowering you to make the behavioral changes, and to develop strategies to maintain those changes.

Some of the Coaching services that I offer are:

Confidence Coaching

Studies have shown that people with more self-confidence handle stress better, are more powerful influencers, are more successful in leadership positions, have a more positive attitude, rarely experience self-doubt, experience less fear, have more energy, and are happier.

Are these things what you might be looking for in your life?

Dating/Relationship Coaching

Dating and relationship coaching IS about actionable steps, what to say, how to present yourself…all the stuff every coach will teach you…but the piece that most people are missing…is the ENERGY of how they are presenting on a date and in a relationship.

You can say all the right things, and something can still feel off. This is the reason the seemingly “perfect” guy on paper, isn’t attractive to you. It’s not in what he’s saying, it’s in the feeling you get around him.

Adolescent Coaching

What if we could PREVENT depression, severe anxiety, and all the other mental illnesses that have been popping up in our teen population, by giving teens the skills they need to create the lives they truly desire – at the very first signs, rather than waiting until a severe incident occurs?

That is where Adolescent Coaching comes in.