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Why would you want more self-confidence? And how would having a confidence coach benefit your life?

Let’s start with some truth here: I had pretty severe anxiety, panic, all of it…for pretty much my whole life. I didn’t know what this was really until I was studying to be a Psychologist and realized that I fit criteria for these disorders.

But what was underlying all of this? A lack of confidence. I never felt good enough, always felt weird, like I had to prove myself, and was terrified of losing people.

Once I figured out the keys to building confidence, everything changed for me. Life just got easier and my anxiety went away. I didn’t gain this from things I learned in graduate school to be a Psychologist. It actually took until years later, when I started seeking something greater than “coping skills.”

It was through Positive Psychology/Coaching classes, Neurolinguistic Programming (NLP), Hypnosis, and energy work that I found true solutions.

And now, my anxiety is gone. If it surfaces from time to time, it is brief and I have tools to change it into something different and more expansive, almost instantly.

Studies have shown that people with more self-confidence handle stress better, are more powerful influencers, are more successful in leadership positions, have a more positive attitude, rarely experience self-doubt, experience less fear, have more energy, and are happier. Are these things you might be looking for in your life?

When I meet with you for Confidence Coaching, we work together to clarify your goals, break them down to make them manageable, and devise a plan to complete them.

We address all the road-blocks that have previously kept you from achieving all that you desire and work on an individual plan to get you feeling less anxiety, more confident, and more enthusiastic about your life!

I meet with clients both in person in Geneva, IL or on the phone. If this sounds like something that you have been missing in your life, book a session below!