What is a Confidence Coach?


Are you stuck? You know there is something great awaiting you, but fear and anxiety keep whispering that you are crazy if you think you can do it. Whatever “it” is for you? Is your heart beating out of your chest during conversations with new people or do you feel like somehow everyone must be looking at you any time you are around people? Or worse, when you do finally talk, it feels as though no one is listening, pushing your comments aside or talking over you?

I’ve been there. With all the goals and ideas in the world, but FEAR kept me from moving outside of the neat little box I created for myself. ANXIETY was telling me that I wasn’t good enough, smart enough, or pretty enough, to have the things I truly desired. I thought this was just my life and that it was just the hand I was dealt. But I was WRONG and if you have been feeling this way, I am here to tell you that YOU ARE WRONG TOO! Let me show you how you can start becoming more self-confident today. Shedding the old protective skin and unveiling a confident, self-assured version of yourself that you only dreamed was possible.

As a Transformational Confidence Coach, I join with you to come back to the present moment, identify your greatest strengths, and help you to make positive, lasting changes so that you can flourish in every aspect of your life. As your confidence coach, it’s my goal to help you find your true purpose in life and release the fear that has been preventing your from living a life with limitless possibilities. 

Rooted in Positive Psychology theory, Journey to Present Coaching is a system I have created to facilitate an increase in positive emotion, build self-esteem and self-confidence, and increase self-worth and resilience. We’ll work together to help you reduce anxiety and stress, become more optimistic, build healthy relationships, and create purpose and meaning in each day.

Are you ready to live your best life?Contact Melissa Mahon Life Coach

I am eager to join with you in accomplishing your goal. Whether it be finding lasting love, becoming a more positive, effective leader, or transitioning to the next step successfully- I will be with you every step of the way-supporting you, challenging you, and pushing you to be the most authentic, fulfilled version of yourself. I look forward to working with you!

— Dr. Melissa Mahon, Transformational Confidence Coach

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